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Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Introducing Aldrich Atcoustic (or more affectionally known as Adi)! Aldrich has just released his first ever EP entitled Rich and we thought that you would like to know him better.


Just who is Aldrich Atcoustic?

Aldrich Atcoustic is born in Singapore, raised in Indonesia before firming his footing here in 1998. The music bug bit him at six when his dad gave him a second hand guitar that costs a mere $20. Who knew this simple gift could spark his interest from just playing four chords on a guitar to conquering more than four instruments ranging from piano, ukulele, harmonica and drums.

From then on, his performances were unstoppable. From the humble beginning of making noises in his bedroom, Aldrich ventured into school talent shows, busking on the streets to being invited to perform at national events including the Orange Ribbon Walk, One Hope Centre Musical, Impresario Originals and Compass Extravaganza.

Aldrich also took his music online through YouTube with over 250,000 views on his channel and being a featured artiste on mig me, a popular mobile platform that reaches out to a community of over 65 million users worldwide. With over 100,000 fans and counting, the social media addict is highly active on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Aldrich urges you to “not let his dimples fool you”. He hopes to use uncomplicated lyrics with upbeat and catchy tunes to connect with you. A real, true gem of talent disguised as your regular boy-next-door, take a bite out of his heart with his intricate honest pieces.


And what is Rich all about?

The album was titled after the feature single, Rich, with stylistic influences of Pop, Funk, Soul, Reggae and R&B. Aldrich wants to use his album to Reach Into Community Homes (RICH) by dedicating 20% of the album profits to bring basic necessities to more homes in Singapore and abroad.

The road to producing the album was not frictionless. The music company, Jtones Music Production, was located in the heart of Jakarta, then fraught with danger as news of terror attacks flooded the country during the earlier part of 2016. The self-proclaimed “Dare Dreamer” in Aldrich quelled all attempts at rationalizing his options and the singer songwriter went ahead with his production trip.

Wow! So where can we get the album?

You can now pre-order the album on iTunes and he will be having the album launch on 26 Nov 2016, 5pm at The Barber Shop by Timbre. To register for the event, click here.

You can also hear an exclusive interview with City Radio Air as well a preview of some of the songs on the EP from 3 Dec onwards!