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Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Name as in NRIC:


Siah Peng Fun



Favourite Nick Name:


Honestly I’m not sure if I have a favorite nickname, cause I always feel like a bully victim when my friends call me Penguin or Normal (cause my chinese name literally means “normal”)



Weirdest Habit:


I like to talk to myself cause sometimes I feel like nobody else understands me. Sadded. Nah I’m just kidding



Favourite Colour:


Yoooo I’ve been digging brighter colors nowadays like red and even purple. I’m not sure why though.



Favourite fruit:


My favourite fruit is avocado. You might find this strange but it’s the meatiest tasting fruit to me and also, I’m a basic Asian man




Who do I love to irritate in the City Radio Family:


Shout out to my good buddy, Mervyn, he’s a legit light sleeper and he would reply angrily whenever I text him at 3am. I’ve never met anyone else who can wake up to WhatsApp notifications.



Favourite countries to travel:


I love Australia, cause the chocolates there only cost one dollar each. Like it’s so simple to for calculation, if I’d spent $7 on chocolates, well, it means I’ve eaten 7 chocolate bars, and that’s when I know I’d hit my quota.



How many meals can I eat in a day:


Normally 3, unless I’m fasting. When I’m feeling kind to myself, I could eat 7.



How much sleep is ideal to me:


What is sleep though? I’m a DJ on City Radio, there’s no time for that! Ayyy I’m just joking, I sleep like either 2 or 10 hours a day depending on whether I’m eating supper or not. There’s no in between.



What do I love most about being a DJ on City Radio:


I love all the encouragement and support I’ve received from the amazing listeners tuning in. I mean, I love serving because talking on City Radio is my passion, but your kind words remind me of how edifying a church should be.



Catch Peng Fun now till end of June on City Radio Air. You might also find him at our booth on the weekends too!