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Friday, May 26th, 2017

Name as in NRIC:



Favourite Nick Name:

CINDY… people call me cindiot. Or… cindy banana. I don’t know why. But bimbo might explain that.



Weirdest Habit:

..?????? I am just weird. I don’t have weird habits.


Favourite Colour:

Grey. Gray. ????? which one is it actually.




Favourite fruit:

DURIAN. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I like to go up to people real close after I’ve eaten durian and then like. Talk. Evil.



Who do I love to irritate in the City Radio Family:




Favourite countries to travel:

Maybe UK one day! That’ll be so cool…





How many meals can I eat in a day:

3. I don’t even eat 3. Haha of course I don’t eat 3, I eat food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have a small stomach so… when small stomach is full, small stomach does not need to eat. #unhealthy don’t follow me ok



How much sleep is ideal to me:

….as long as I am alive the next day any amount of sleep is fine. Also, coffee is bae.



What do I love most about being a DJ on City Radio:

…puns. I love puns. And I like to talk. Talk talk talk talk talk about nonsense HAHA. On a serious note… I’m just very thankful that I am able to get people to hear my voice and I hope it brings them comfort and also… a smile to their face as well. #blessed

You can catch Cindy and her lame puns for this month on City Radio Air!