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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Name as in NRIC:

Cherlyn Loh Xue Ting



Favourite Nick Name:

I have a lot of nicknames, such as blur sotong, huh what and stingray… if I were to choose, I’d like huh what the most… cause huh what?



Weirdest Habit:

My weirdest habit, you guys should know it, it is, laughing at my own jokes… haha?



Favourite Colour:

Navy is my new black , all day everyday


Favourite fruit:

I love to eat apples, maybe that’s why people always tell me that I am the apple of God’s eye.


Who do I love to irritate in the City Radio Family:

I love to irritate a lot of people, but the top few in my lists are Terry and Celine, because, they hate my jokes, a lot…



Favourite countries to travel:

My favourite country to travel would be Korea! Because, besides my jokes, what else is better than eating kimchi right?


How many meals can I eat in a day:

I can eat up to 4 meals a day


How much sleep is ideal to me:

I can never have an ideal hours of sleep, because I am really, really, a pig. There was once I actually slept up to 24hours.


What do I love most about being a DJ on City Radio:

I love my jokes the most, HAHA, just kidding. I love the friendships and bonds that are forged because really, they are either as lame as me, or lamer or maybe they are just being nice. Oh and also, I love them because in City Radio, they really makes you feel like a family!

Cherlyn can be heard right now on City Radio Air!